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Below is a compilation of questions that new McLaughlin and Son customers frequently ask. If you have a question that is not listed below and or you do not understand any of the questions/answers please contact a McLaughlin and Son representative at 781-665-2673.
Q. Is there a difference between “open” and “enclosed” transportation? Is so, what are the differences?

Q. What does “Door to Door” service mean?

A. Door to Door service means that McLaughlin and Son will get a close as possible to your designated pickup and delivery locations. If possible we will pick up your vehicle in front of your house (at your “door”). However, because our tractor trailers are quite large, approximately 100 feet long, sometimes it is impossible to reach certain residential areas because of low wires, overhanging trees, insufficient room to exit/turn around, etc. If that's the case with your auto move, McLaughlin and Son will attempt to get as close as possible to your pickup/delivery locations and or we could also arrange a convenient location, like a shopping center, to either pick up or deliver your vehicle.

Q. How do you secure vehicles on your trailer?

A. Unlike other transporters that use outdated and barbaric ways to secure your vehicle(s) such as chains and rim tie downs, McLaughlin and Son uses wheel straps which go over the tops of your vehicles tires and are secured to the floor. This not only keeps your vehicle firmly in place, floating on its own suspension, but avoid the unpleasantries other modes of securing your vehicle(s) can yield, such as rub marks on your rims and or damaging your tires/rims.

Q. Are you a broker or do you have your own trucks?

A. McLaughlin and Son is a fully licensed and insured motor carrier with federal authority to operate anywhere in the United States. Therefore, unlike when you do business with a lot of companies today, when you book your vehicle transport with McLaughlin and Son McLaughlin and Son’s name and logo will be on the side of the trailer in big bold letters reassuring you that you made the right choice.

Q. What types of payment do you accept?

A. McLaughlin and Son accepts payment in the form of cash, money order, bank/certified checks, and sometimes personal checks. Unfortunately, McLaughlin and Son does not accept credit cards as a form of payment.

Q. Are price quotations free?

A. Yes, price quotations are completely free. For a free quote,
Click Here or call us at 781-665-2673.

Q:  How much will it cost me to ship my vehicle(s)?

A. McLaughlin and Son has extremely competitive prices  that are determined by the size of your vehicle(s), number of vehicles being transported, and where your vehicle(s) are scheduled to be picked up from and delivered to.  For more information call 781-665-2673.

Q.  How long will it take for my vehicle(s) to be transported?

A. Most deliveries can be accomplished in 3 to 5 days. However, McLaughlin and Son will do it’s best to deliver your vehicle as soon as possible, safely and operating within the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) required regulations.

Q.  Can I pack personal items in my vehicle(s) while it’s being transported?

A. Generally, we recommend that you do not ship any personal belongings inside your vehicle. McLaughlin and Son is not liable for any personal belongings and or any damage caused by personal belongings during transit. This practice is discouraged for many reasons. First off, additional items may shift during transit, damaging your vehicle's interior. Secondly, contents may block the driver's view and or inhibit the driver’s ability to load/off-load your vehicle(s). Lastly, additional items in your vehicle(s) add additional weight to the vehicle which can cause your units to be overweight on highway scales. If this happens, a nominal fee will be charged to cover our incurred costs. However, despite all the aforementioned negative aspects of packing personal items in your vehicle(s), McLaughlin and Son will allow you to pack your vehicle(s) with up to 75lbs/vehicle at your own risk.

Q.  Do you transport inoperable vehicles, motorcycles, extra parts, etc?

A. Yes, McLaughlin and Son regularly transports motorcycles, extra parts, and inoperable vehicles. In fact, McLaughlin and Son specializes is the transportation of all types of vehicles, such as classic, exotic, track, etc. Inoperable vehicles must have the ability to roll, brake and steer and can be shipped for a nominal winching fee; some additional conditions may apply. Extra parts are also accepted on a case-by-case basis for a nominal fee. For more information contact a McLaughlin and Son representative at 781-665-2673.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, as stated numerous times above McLaughlin and Son is a fully licensed and insured carrier. McLaughlin and Son is pleased to offer you $100,000 insurance per vehicle already included in your price quotation.  If your vehicle is worth more than $100,000 and or you wish to purchase additional insurance, McLaughlin and Son will be pleased to offer you additional insurance for an additional fee. However, maximum liability of McLaughlin and Son Transportation Co., INC will not exceed $100,000 per auto UNLESS a declaration as to value and additional payment is made. For more information please contact a McLaughlin and Son representative at 781-665-2673. For a copy of our certificate of insurance please
Click Here.

Q.  What kind of truck will be used to transport my vehicle(s)?

A. McLaughlin and Son is pleased to offer all 53' enclosed trailers as part of our service. With our enclosed fleet your vehicle(s) will be safe from all road and weather hazards unlike traditional open carriers that leave your vehicle(s) vulnerable to these potential hazards.  Each enclosed trailer can securely hold six regular size automobiles, three SUV's (depending on each vehicle's size), or numerous motorcycles/ smaller vehicles. In addition, all of our units are equipped with a hydraulic lift gate to load and accommodate any vehicle regardless of the vehicle's size and ground clearance. McLaughlin and Son treats, protects, and transports your vehicle(s) as if they were our own, yielding a quality service that exceeds in industry standards. For pictures of our transportation units please
Click Here.

Q. How much advance is needed to book the transportation of my vehicle(s)?

A. The more advance that you can give us the better we can transport your vehicle(s) during the time frame you desire. Typically, two weeks’ notice is ample for us to be able to accommodate your needs. However, during busy seasons, sometimes more than a months’ notice is needed to schedule your transportation during the time frame that your desire. Regardless, if you are interested in transporting your vehicle(s) at any point in time contact a McLaughlin and Son representative and we will be more than happy to do our best to accommodate your needs.
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